• Start date: 1 September 2019
  • End date: 31 August 2022
  • Overall budget: € 1.997.066
  • EU contribution: € 1.997.066
  • Coordinated by: University of Brescia

  • Project website
The European Project ICCEE “Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency”, funded by the European HORIZON 2020 Program, aims to improve energy efficiency along the cold chain of the food and beverage industry, which has a great potential for improvement in terms of energy savings: from refrigerated transport to processing and storage of products. ICCEE, through an approach that goes beyond the perspective of the individual company and embraces the entire supply chain, wants to help the food and beverage sector to:
  • Understand and implement energy efficiency measures, also making use of financing schemes for SMEs.
  • Accelerate the implementation of the results of energy audits carried out.
To enable the update of environmental impact assessments, the ICCEE project partnership intends to develop an energy efficiency analytical tool to support and facilitate decision making at different organizational levels of the company; promote and facilitate investments in energy efficiency measures; and launch a capacity building program targeting industry personnel and stakeholders. The feasibility of energy efficiency measures will be assessed considering the economic, environmental, and social impacts that include the entire product life cycle and the entire supply chain. With reference to the issue of non-energy benefits and the evaluation of financing schemes for SMEs, see the summary of the study on energy and non-energy benefits, drawn up following a survey conducted at European level among food companies. The Industry Information Network - IIN is now available online: it aims to meet supply and demand for energy efficiency technologies, as well as to spread the culture of energy saving among food companies, storage facilities, cold rooms, and logistics operators, creating a community to establish a permanent discussion space. Do you have an energy efficiency solution for the cold chain to propose? Share it in the section: www.iin-iccee.eu/submit-a-new-offer/. Are you looking for solutions to improve energy efficiency?
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