Who we are

Spread European Safety and Sustainability EEIG is a European Economic Interest Grouping known as “SPES”. It was founded in 2003 and its original mission was not to realize profits for itself but to start facilitating and developing joint activities to its members (mostly EU Food & Drink Federations) related to the promotion and execution, at European level, a series of research studies concerning the safety and the quality of food production along the supply chain, as well as the use and disclosure of the relevant results to food producers, especially SMEs. The Grouping wants to improve the common participation of its members in most important  EU funding schemes such as the previous Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (previously FP, Horizon 2020) which is now Horizon Europe and PRIMA Programmes. Altogether, more than 34.000 food companies can be reached by the dissemination actions coordinated by the network of SPES members.

Your best partner for disseminating results to European food producers

SPES endorses and translates in concrete insight the point of view of the food industry via the participation to EU funded projects. In particular, by participating to experts’ groups, by defining training needs, by preparing recommendations papers addressed to policy makers etc. At this regard, SPES has a proven track and long experience for the coordination of EU funded projects, for the leadership of WP on dissemination, communication and technology transfer of project results to European food producers. Last but not least, SPES can accompany food producers to carry out demonstration and validation of innovative solution at plant level in real conditions. If you would like to know about the experience of SPES please visit the EU project library section!

Our Topics

Competitiveness of the Food & Drink industries at national level
Research and technological innovation
Policies of nutrition and lifestyles
Consumers’ perception and attitudes
Policies on Sustainability (along the 3 pillars)
Energy efficiency and mitigation of environmental impacts
Reduction of food waste and loss
Innovative packaging solutions